Forensic Psychology


Forensic Psychology Services Offered to Criminal, and Civil Courts and Attorneys:


• Adult and Juvenile Competency To Stand Trial
• Adult and Juvenile Competency To Waive Miranda Rights
• Sanity at the Time of the Offense
• Adult and Juvenile Murder
• Adult and Juvenile Violence Risk and Psychopathy Level Assessment
• Death Penalty Mitigation
• Sentencing evaluations
• Malingering
• Domestic violence perpetrator assessment
• Criminal Mitigation: trauma, psychotic, anxiety and mood disorders
• Personality assessment


• Personal injury
• Social security disability assessment
• Wrongful death evaluations
• Correctional mental health treatment provision evaluations
• Psychological impact of clergy, teacher or parental physical or sexual abuse
• Individual’s ability to cope with incarceration
• Treatment documentation evaluation
• Psychological impact on victims of a psychopath
• Fitness for Duty evaluations for police officers, security guards, correctional officers and fire fighters