Dr. Cunliffe’s Psychotherapy Practice

Over the course of his 33 year career in the mental health field, Dr. Cunliffe has amassed extensive training and experience in the delivery of psychotherapy services to adults and adolescents. Specifically, he has been formally trained and supervised in Cognitive Behavioral, Existential and Motivational Therapies. Throughout his psychotherapy practice, he has maintained strict adherence to the highest ethical standards and focus on the application of techniques with a strong empirical basis and scientific support.

Services Offered and How Dr. Cunliffe Would Be Able to Assist

Individual, couple’s, group and family therapy services are available for the following problems:

• Treatment of mood and anxiety disorders
• Treatment of psychotic disorders
• Treatment of personality disorders
• Prevention of mental illness
• Treatment of substance abuse and impulse control problems
• Anger management
• Stress management
• Phase of life issues (adolescence, mid-life and elder adults)
• End of life issues
• Sexual orientation issues
• Overcoming domestic violence and crime
• Teens at risk
• Re-integration to society after incarceration
• Motivational therapy for athletes and those seeking to enhance personal performance
• Improving coping skills
• Coping with physical illness to enhance medical treatment
• Setting realistic goals and learning how to solve problems
• Cognitive Behavioral and Motivational Therapy for eating problems and weight loss